For the past eighteen years, I have utilized Fair Share Amusements.  Throughout our partnership, I have received excellent service as well as the latest in state of art amusement devices.  When video gaming came to Illinois, Mike & his personnel helped greatly with the application process as well as keeping us informed about the latest government developments.  I highly recommend Fair Share.

Robert Wielgorecki - Park Tap


Fair Share Gaming made the entire procedure painless from the first meeting through the paperwork process to design and installation with the gaming board.  Everything has been handled efficiently and professionally from beginning to end.  I know my profits the next morning on the 1st and 16th like clockwork.  Fair Share is very well respected in the industry by their piers and state officials I have spoken with.

Phil Faso – Dino’s

Fair Share Gaming has been a super excellent partner for the Irish Mill Inn of Mundelein.  From the initial filing/application to design/setup of machines to the speedy response when there has been (very few) technical problems, all has been excellent.  We are a small Irish pub and the gaming has made a huge difference for us.  We looked at several potential gaming partners and think we chose the best one. Couldn't be more pleased.  Of note are the constant updates we get from Fair Share as well as speedy response every time we have asked for information and/or advice.

Fair Share is just TERRIFIC!

   Patrick McGrath – Irish Mill

I couldn't think of anyone else that I would partner up with. 
The professionalism and also the customer service is second to none!! Thanks for everything guys.
   Jim Hanna – Jenny’s

Wonderful experience. Great group of professionals.  Customers’ needs always come first.  Highly recommended.

Joe Lukey – JJ’s Pub

Partnerships are built on solid ground with good communication, responsiveness, consistency and reliability a must.  All have been met!

Ron Muersch, Jr. – Krapils

After several meetings, our Board of Directors made a decision to interview some of the Illinois gaming board gambling contractors.  These companies had licenses in the State of Illinois to supply Post 1080 with legalized slot machines.  After a few interviews, there was no question we were going with Fair Share Gaming (FSG); a Chicagoland based local company.  Post 1080 at that time were full of questions.  All were answered in a professional and understandable manner.  FSG and Mike Pappas (CEO and owner) had a team of employees to include a past gaming board employee, an attorney, and an accountant.  They honestly told us what to expect (good and bad) explained the do's and dont's.  They told us what was expected of us.  At the time of the contract signing, FSG told us that we were partners.  This was so true because, from that minute, FSG assisted us with obtaining the State and City Licenses required and the set up of our building.  They installed the machines with no business interruption.  They installed the best quality machines.  The games our patrons loved and a payout kiosk that is second to none.  If money or a payout ticket is jammed in the machine, FSG will be there within 45 minutes day or night with courteous and well-trained technicians.  FSG supplies us with weekly news emails telling us what is coming up with regulations.  Our receivables are made bimonthly with direct deposit on the date without question.  When FSG made the statement “we were now partners” that was very true and Post 1080 couldn't ask for a better partner

Junior Vice Commander - Bob Sleyko

Mike Pappas and his crew are the class of the gaming industry.  

Gina - Sam's Triple Crown in Orland Hills


Customers note and comment on the great mix of our machines and variety of gaming options compared to other operators who install all the same machines and games.  Besides the quick response to any problem, which are rare, their staff is competent and professional.  Their willingness to provide input and be open to suggestions has been great.  Besides the gaming, we use their bar-top games, dart, golf games, pinball machines, and a top of the line Jukebox system, which makes it a little bit easier to know who to call when an issue does occur.  Keep up the great work!  Completely satisfied.

Jim Pine – Chuck’s BBQ in Burbank and Darien

Dalton's Pub has been very pleased with the service we have received from Fair Share Gaming Partners.  We have received excellent customer service from the very beginning, which has remained a constant throughout the years.  Communication has been wonderful and we always know that we can reach out to them for any question and they will get back to us in a very timely fashion.  Fair Share Gaming Partners is just that "partners" with you and your business.

Dan & Cheryl Dalton - Dalton's

Fair Share Gaming is one of a kind.  Professionalism at this level in any industry is a rarity.  From licensing, install, and going live, Fair Share was there every step of the way.

Joseph S. Kasper - Delta Lounge

Fair Share Amusements is the most honest and professional company I’ve dealt with.  They went above and beyond to set up my bar.  They are Johnny on the spot if things go down, which is very rare.  John updates information religiously and is very informative.  Mike Pappas is one of a kind, very hands on guy.  Koz is always prompt and efficient.  With this company, you see the whole family working.  I like that it shows integrity.  Also let’s not forget the guys in the trenches…very professional.  Denis is the "wizard."  Thanks Fair Share for tending to Paddy’s needs. 

You guys are the best...

Patrick Sheppard – Paddy’s

If I am playing a VGT at my establishment and it stops functioning, the Fair Share Gaming technicians have responded and corrected the issue quicker than if the same issue occurred at a casino even though the casino technicians are in the same building.

Ron Muersch, Sr. - Krapils


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One of the most reliable companies I have ever worked with.  Fair Share knows the ins and outs of the Gaming business and procedures.  Had Mike and John not helped me with the licensing procedures, I am confident in saying the sale of the bar would have not happened.  Total professionals and would not recommend working with anyone else.  A lot of people promise the world and only few can deliver.  Fair Share crushes it.  Service is top of the line and, in most cases, they know about any issues that arise before I do and have service on the way.  Working with anyone else is foolish!

Thank you for all your hard work and it's a real pleasure to work with you in what will hopefully be many years to come. 

Tom Cheatle – Double Play